Our Company

At Vesselnet Solar, we always maintain the highest level of professionalism in service and quality for our products. Compromising on any of this is not an option. 
As a solar company, we have a proven record of accomplishments in electrification, ranging from Solar Home Systems (SHS) and Offices to Mini-Grids to power and empower communities. We have a reputation for providing high-quality services thanks to years of experience. 
We believe that determining your energy needs is the most important stage before recommending a cost-effective and sustainable energy solution for you. We are here to assist you in choosing the best plan. We offer top-notch integrated systems that comply with international standards to meet the power requirements of homes, offices, and
mini-grids. As part of our commitment to providing affordable and stable power to Nigerians, we offer very pocket-friendly solutions and flexible payment plans to our customers.

Our People
In Vesselnet Solar, our team made up of professionals, thanks to years of experience and competence in their respective fields, is able to deliver on our collective promises to our customers and stakeholders. We value our relationship with our customers and are always glad to welcome and retain them in the Vesselnet Solar family.

  We provide the following:

  ·       Partnership with Top Companies
  ·       Professional Engineers
  ·       Modern Equipment
  ·       Innovation In Power & Energy.

A Number Of Features Make Vesselnet Solar Unique.

A renewable, easy-to-maintain, noiseless, and pollution-free alternative to the electricity grid, solar energy is rapidly becoming the best choice because it saves money over time, is renewable, and is very sustainable. Investing in solar energy is the only energy source you will ever need, and you will start reaping the benefits immediately. 

There are many advances to using solar power, including uninterrupted power supply; reducing or eliminating the cost of electricity bills; reducing or eliminating fuel costs, and protecting Mother Earth through fewer COS emissions.

          Using Specialized Technology to Produce Energy.

          Solar is quickly becoming the best alternative to the electricity grid system because it saves cost over time, is renewable and easy to maintain, has no noise, no pollution, is easily scalable and is very sustainable.

          Solar energy is the only source of energy you will invest in and you start reaping the rewards immediately. You experience an uninterrupted power supply, shave off a large chunk of electricity bills, reduce or outrightly eliminate the cost of fuels, and have no noisy generator thereby giving you a serene quiet environment and you protect ‘Mother Earth’ from harmful CO2 emissions.

          What are solar panel solutions and why should we use solar energy?

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                 Our Mission

          To be a front runner for a technology-driven Africa through the provision of quality service delivery - one project (solution or service) and one customer at a time.

          Our Vision 

          To be one of the top technology service and solution providers in Africa.


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