On today’s blog, we’ll be answering frequently asked questions on solar systems, to help you understand how this very cost effective and reliable system works. The idea behind this is because we recognize that Solar energy is a developing alternative to electricity in Nigeria and as such more education may be needed.

Do solar panels work at night?

FUN FACT. When the sun goes down and you go to sleep at night, your solar panel goes to sleep as well…technically.
So basically, NO, solar panels do not work at night.
However, although solar panels need light, primarily sunlight, to create energy, they can generate some energy from other sources such as the moon, and even streetlights but with a very low output. It is a similar effect on cloudy and rainy days when they produce between 10-25% of their normal capacity. So, when there is no light at night, the panels become inactive and stop power production.
The efficiency of your panels under these weather conditions significantly depends on your solar panel brand. Vesselnet Solar offers reliable solar solutions.

So how does it work?
During the day, when the sun is up, the panels produce more power than is needed. At night, the extra power stored usually in a solar battery or net metering, provides power to keep the electricity running.
It will interest you to know that due to our tropical climate, Nigeria, has a very suitable weather for solar systems. It’s sunny weather, if properly maximized can sustain many homes and ensure 24-hour electricity.

Imagine enjoying electricity, peacefully during a heavy downpour while your neighbor suffers the now expected power cut under such weather condition while the other struggles to deal with their noisy generator. All these while you enjoy the wet night. No power cuts, no noise, no worry about diesel price boring a hole in your pocket. Now, that’s the life!
Are you interested in buying solar? Let Vesselnet Solar help you achieve this.
We provide top-quality solar solutions in Nigeria with interest in designs that make reliable and clean power accessible to everyone at very competitive prices. You can send us a message on WhatsApp at: +2349063063687 or send an e-mail to salesrep@vesselnetsolar.com to buy.

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